Who We Help

At Empire Minds, we believe in listening. Everyone struggling with anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences or stress deserves to be heard and treated with respect.

We work with adults, adolescents, and children of all ages. We welcome clients from all backgrounds and want to hear your story—your personal story, your family story, your social and cultural experiences. We will listen to you and work with you to find the appropriate treatment plan based on your individual needs.

At Empire Minds, we will face your challenges with you. We help our clients and their families find realistic solutions while we remain open to the emotional and social complexities of our lives, the importance of listening and hearing, and a recognition that suffering can be addressed but defines nobody.

The clinicians at Empire Minds are grounded in evidence and in experience. Therapy is a relationship built on trust, compassion and honesty where each person brings expertise to the encounter. At Empire Minds, we respect your expertise and are proud of ours.


Depression. Anxiety. Acting out. ADHD. OCD. Behavior problems in school. Trouble at home. Sleeping problems. Enuresis and encopresis. Phobias. Trauma.

Whether your child is exhibiting symptoms of sadness, anxiety, challenging behaviors, or other concerning issues in the home and school, we want to understand them, their world, and their experiences. Our goal is to provide your child with thoughtful, age-appropriate and developmentally-tailored treatment, involving you and any other adults or systems who will help us engage and serve your child, including teachers, schools, and other family members. We focus on providing treatments that have been developed for children, including cognitive behavioral treatments and evidence-based behavioral interventions, while ensuring that your unique child gets the individualized support they need.

Working with children means working with you too. We will provide you with support, guidance and ideas for helping your child develop and grow to the best of their potential.

We are also happy to work with other caregivers in your child’s life, including child and adolescent psychiatrists, pediatricians, and school counselors.


Depression. Anxiety. Self-esteem. Risky behaviors. Disordered eating. Substance abuse. Insomnia. Panic. Phobias. Trauma. OCD. ADHD. Body Image Issues. Sexual identity. Gender identity. Conflicts at home. Self injury.

Adolescents are facing a tremendously challenging world that demands so much from them. Many struggle with anxiety, depression and challenging behaviors, which deserve to be addressed sympathetically. While we provide support and guidance, we also gear our treatments towards evidence-based interventions that have demonstrated efficacy in adolescents, such as cognitive-behavioral therapies designed for specific needs and conditions.

Crucially, this treatment will come at a time when they are gaining independence, and one of our jobs will be to provide a supportive space to help them, and you, negotiate their new freedoms and responsibilities, and to build their strengths and resilience during their transition into adulthood.

Young Adults

Depression. Anxiety. Self-esteem. Disordered eating. Insomnia. Panic. Phobias. Trauma. OCD. ADHD. Procrastination. Body Image Issues. Relationship challenges. Questions about identity, plans, and your future. Relationship instability.

Emerging into adulthood involves incredible new responsibilities and role transitions. With new freedoms, new responsibilities, and new challenges, you may find yourself struggling with depression, anxiety, difficulties with self-esteem, disordered eating, and other symptoms that are impairing your ability to function and thrive.

At Empire Minds, we are prepared to help you with these transitions and challenges, not only to provide treatment but also to provide support and guidance as you navigate new obligations, careers and life choices.


Anxiety. Depression. Role transitions. Loss. Grief. Relationship issues. Parenting Challenges. Procrastination.

At Empire Minds, we will work with you respectfully to address your needs and to meet you where you are. We treat psychiatric and psychological disorders through an array of evidence-based practices, but also want to know the whole person and to be a support to you, to hear the challenges and stresses you face.

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