Trauma Therapy NYC


Trauma Therapy NYC

Suffering after exposure to traumatic experiences such as neglect or abuse broadly defines a trauma related stress disorder. A traumatic event can alter your life, your identity, your psyche, often seriously impacting your mental health.

We know that not every trauma leads to ongoing suffering, and not everyone experiences trauma the same way. That is why we will want to understand you and who you are before making any attempts to come to terms with trauma. We will also believe you, and hear you, before discussing treatment options.

There are many ways to address the effects of trauma in our emotional, mental and personal lives.

It is common for people with trauma related stress disorders to have involuntary memories of what happened, to experience fears and avoidance, cognitive alterations, feelings of guilt and isolation that lead to coping in harmful ways. At Empire Minds, we will help you understand these and work on them.

Some physical manifestations of trauma can be recognized in angry or violent outbursts, being jumpy or irritable, and difficulty sleeping. Cognitive behavior therapy and cognitive processing therapy are some of the leading treatments in this area.

By creating a secure, protective space, the therapists of Empire Minds will help you navigat through painful memories and their triggers and will help you develop the tools necessary to live alongside your past and to keep moving on your life’s journey.

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